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Where To Buy a Carol Kirkwood Dress

Where To Buy Carol Kirkwood Dresses

Carol Kirkwood on BBC Breakfast

Carol Kirkwood dresses on morning television have for years now, been supplied by one clothing brand.

This brand has captured the eyes and hearts of many BBC Breakfast Presenters. Particularly that of BBC weather girl Carol Kirkwood.

Carol Kirkwood dresses and where to buy them?

After almost 20 years since Carol Kirkwood first appeared on our TV screens she is now more popular than ever. Carol will often be seen sporting a vibrant, figure hugging Diva Catwalk dress while she presents the weather on BBC Breakfast.

Why Carol Kirkwood Style Dresses Are All From This One London Based Clothing Brand

Diva Catwalk is a successful London based womenswear brand that specialise in Ready-to-Wear dresses. The flattering silhouettes and variety of bright colours have almost become the uniform for

Carol Kirkwood Dresses

Carol Kirkwoods dresses on morning BBC TV

BBC presenters.

Why Are The Dresses Such A Wardrobe Staple For Carol Kirkwood and The BBC Weather Girls?

The Scottish BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood and many others have fallen in love with the Diva Catwalk designs. Apparently this is down to three vital elements:

The fit

All Diva dresses are made with careful consideration for the female figure. Diva Catwalk make figure hugging dresses that show off feminine curves and compliment the natural contour of the female body.

Every style is designed & made in house at there West End design studio. The fit and comfortability factor of the dresses are the most important points when there team of designers and pattern cutters design there dresses.


The thought and process behind the fit of a Diva dress may be why the BBC weather girls are so fond of the brand. The flattering shape makes the Diva dresses popular amongst all that try them on.

The Materials

Diva Catwalk use luxe stretch materials for that ultimate look of quality. Diva’s use of the high quality materials have been popular with many of there customers. The stretch aspect found in most Diva dresses is said to be loved by Carol and the BBC weather girls. This is because they find the materials not only stylish but also extremely practical throughout there high demanding and pressured job.

We have heard from the BBC weather girls that they enjoy wearing the dresses around the studio because the quality of the fabric adds comfort while still looking super smart and presentable.

The Variety of Colours

They also have a large variety of colours available for each design, with over 500 different shades on the Diva Catwalk website you are certainly going to find a colour that is right for you. The variety of bold colours are popular with Carol Kirkwood and the breakfast team, as they allow them to have a huge variety of different choices for their clothes worn on TV each morning.

Which Other Celebrities Wear Diva Catwalk Dresses other than Carol Kirkwood?

Diva Catwalk’s signature bright and flattering designs have been adopted by female Newsreaders in the UK and America. Amongst Carol Kirkwood other Diva Catwalk admirers include Susanna Reid, Charlotte Hawkins and even from across the pond, Julie Grauert the US TV Host. Julie Grauert in particular has made it known how adored the Diva Catwalk designs are at the news channel Boston 25 in the US.

Where Can I Try On These Carol Kirkwood Style Dresses?

Diva Catwalk have a showroom located around the corner from the BBC studios in London. It’s no wonder that the styles found there way over to the BBC clothing wardrobe. The BBC weather girls every so often will visit the Diva showroom to admire their latest designs. You can visit the showroom in London for the ultimate Diva Catwalk experience or alternatively visit Carol has more recently also appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire show in a stunning ivory Diva dress, you can see the clip here.

How Have Diva Catwalk Dresses Ended Up In Carol Kirkwood’s Wardrobe?

Debbie Harper (stylist and head of wardrobe at Good Morning Britain) came across the Diva Catwalk showroom on New Cavendish Street London. She spotted the variety vibrant colours and instantly decided to make an appointment. Ever since that moment Diva Catwalk’s relationship with newsreaders in the UK and US has continued to develop. Check Carol out wearing one of her Diva Dresses on the morning BBC weather show here.

Furthermore Diva fever goes beyond the newsreader circle. Diva dresses are not only appropriate for the news environment, they also create ‘desk to dinner’ pieces. Diva Catwalk dresses are extremely versatile, which is one of the reasons Debbie Harper was impressed by the Diva frocks. For example the same Diva dress could be worn to work, dinner, a party and even a wedding. The huge array of colours and different styles means that you are bound to find your ideal Diva dress.

Diva Catwalk dresses are worn almost daily on British TV, it’s a brand that you will most likely see every morning without even realising. Next time your sat on your sofa with a cup of coffee watching Good Morning Britain or BBC Weather, take note at what the presenters are wearing and you’ll recognise Diva’s vibrant signature dresses. You Can checkout Carol Kirkwood’s BBC profile by following this link here.